Don’t Let a Judge Impose His Solution on

Your Dispute!

Why roll the dice and allow expensive lawyers and a judge who has never even met you determine the outcome of your dispute? You and your adversary are the only ones who will have to live with the results of a court ordered settlement! Mediation is flexible and can be used before, during, or after a suit has been filed in court. Charles A. Hill Mediation will help you craft your own solution you can both live with. Chuck Hill specializes in Family, Custody & Visitation, Intellectual Property, Copyright, Civil, and Workplace disputes. Learn how professional mediation works and why the mandatory confidentiality mediation includes – achieves better results than litigation! Over 86% of mediated cases settle! An independent national survey showed 96% of all respondents and 91% of all charging parties who used mediation would use it again. Don’t pay to have a total stranger impose a court ordered resolution on you! Take charge of your dispute and its resolution.

Judge in Court
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Court vs Mediated Settlements

In studies involving over 9,000 cases, reported in the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies in collaboration with Cornell Law School, plaintiffs who later litigated committed decision error, receiving a monetary award less than or equal to the last offer made in mediation in 61.2% of cases!

An Empirical Study of Decision Making in Unsuccessful Settlement Negotiations. Journal of Empirical Legal Studies,Volume 5, Issue 3

Over 86% of mediated cases settle!

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91% of all charging parties who used mediation would use it again.

Compared to litigation, mediation is…

  • Confidential

  • Much Less Expensive

  • Faster

  • Risk Free

  • Informal

  • Successful!